The District Team

You may email any one of the following people if they have a  symbol next to their name. The email format is without any hyphens or apostrophes.

District Commissioner Cathy Muxlow
District Youth Commissioner Alex Taylor-Brown
Deputy District Commissioner Andy Appleby
Deputy District Commissioner Rik Fox
Deputy District Commissioner Daljit Aubby
Assistant District Commissioner
(Beaver Scouts)
Sarah Appleby
Assistant District Commissioner
(Beaver Scouts)
Emma Wilson
Assistant District Commissioner
(Cub Scouts)
Graham Holt
Assistant District Commissioner
Tom Miller
District Explorer Scout Commissioner Louise O'Leary
District Scout Network Commissioner Conor Taylor-Brown
Assistant District Commissioner
Satyadeep (Deep) Singh Gujral
Scout Active Support Manager

Rik Fox

Local Training Manager   Tracey Miller
District Leaders
District Beaver Scout Leader Ann Woolsey
District Beaver Scout Leader Tracey Miller
District Cub Scout Leader Andi Brown
District Cub Scout Leader Peter Melvin
District Cub Scout Leader Gordon Wilson
District Cub Scout Leader Marian Wilson
District Scout Leader Sarra Taylor-Brown
District Explorer Scout Leader Ainsley Gilbert

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