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There are five youth sections in the Scout movement catering for ages from 6 to 25. To see more detail about these sections, please click here.

Below is a list of all of the Scout Groups in Greenford & District Scout District.

Please click on the Group's scarf to see its details.

1st Greenford
4th Greenford (Methodist)
8th Greenford
9th Greenford (Holy Cross)
1st Northolt Sea Scouts
2nd Northolt (Wood End)
3rd Northolt (St. Barnabas)
10th Northolt (John Chilton)
12th Northolt
3rd Perivale
4th Perivale
13th Southall (Sikh)
3rd Wembley
23rd Wembley (Sahabah)

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Last Updated: 08 May 2011