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December 2003

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From the District Commissioner

As we enter the festival season it is a great opportunity for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Also it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my first 6 months as DC and look forward to some exciting and challenging times ahead.

During the last 6 months we have seen a number of leaders take the last steps to obtaining their Wood Badge and we have been seen on parade at the Remembrance Day Services in Greenford, Southall and Whitehall.

In house training has started for the new Training Advisor role and a big thank you to those who have already agreed to become one. It’s not too late to sign up with Josie.

Four of the Jamboree troop from Greenford & District attended the Speaker’s tea party and every section has again been providing good quality scouting from pioneer courses, hikes and cross county running. This is on top of the normal programmes that are being run at every colony, pack, troop and unit meeting.

I have been able to visit a number of different sections recently and have been impressed by the standards you are setting. Please accept a big pat on the back.

As to the future.

The District presentation night is in January. It would be wonderful to have a presentation being made by all sections. Please refer to Rik for details.

We have Gang Show in February - please come along to support the gang or if you fancy a job please see Maxcine or Stan.

St. George’s Day in April and the District camp in May.

As to the main challenge for 2004 - we as a District need to look to adult recruitment in a serious way to assist existing groups and also to start opening new groups in certain areas within the district. This is a reasonability that we all have to face and take serious steps to address.

The District will be looking at way to take this forward and I have already spoken briefly with the editor of the local paper and had a recruitment night at St Andrews Church in Sudbury.

If anyone has any ideas please speak to Ian or myself.

Let’s use 2004 to bring even greater success to scouting in Greenford & District.

Finally if I don’t see you have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Andrew Norman
District Commissioner

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Val Jasper

It is with sadness that we have to report that Val Jasper was called to Higher Service on the morning of 30th November 2003.

Val had been undergoing hospital treatment for cancer.

The District’s sympathies go out to Ted and his family at this very sad time.

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Tea with the Speaker

I was invited, along with 3 other Scouts, who also attended the Jamboree, to attend the Speaker’s tea by the Ealing North MP, Mr Steve Pound. The Greenford & District contingent arrived at the Houses of Parliament just before 2:00pm (as this is when it all started). Once in the Houses of Parliament, we were met by Steve Pound who gave us a little tour of the place. At the end of the tour we were given refreshments on the balcony, which overlooked the River Thames. I enjoyed this as the view was excellent.

We were then taken to the Speaker’s private apartment where we met him. Once we had all gathered, the speaker said a few words and then we had tea and cakes. Whilst enjoying these fantastic cakes, we talked to the speaker and a few other MP’s for a while.

Finally, having enjoyed his hospitality we left at 4:00pm. This was a thoroughly enjoying day out.

We are all very grateful to Steve Pound for inviting us and the speaker for taking out time to enable us to meet and talk to him.

Also, we are all extremely grateful to the District for giving us the opportunity to go to Thailand in the first place.

Virun Solanki
3rd Wembley Scout Group

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Greenford Gang Show

The start of the gang show season has gone off very well. The senior gang is showing great promise and new young talent is coming to the forefront as never before.

We are a bit light on the ground on older performers; still some of the good older cast are there to help the new ones along the stony road to Greenford Hall.

Maxcine has visited most of the groups and will get around to them all, time permitting, so if you are one of the few who have not had a visit please be patient.

Junior gang has started and will swell as time goes on and I am very pleased with the support so far. The content of the show is very good and I have found it very entertaining.

All in all, I think this will be as good a show as ever, not an easy task seeing what has gone on before. This is my first season as Chairman and I am enjoying the change of direction from performer and director. I will still need a huge amount of help as time goes on, so if you have the time or inclination, let me know. This the second biggest event that we run in the district so please help me pull it together back stage even if you are not on stage.

Stan Miller

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Mobile Phones whilst Driving

In a new regulation that came into force on 1 December 2003, it is a specific offence to use a hand-held phone, or similar device, when driving. The penalty is a £30 fixed penalty or up to £1,000 on conviction in court (£2,500 for drivers of goods vehicles, buses or coaches).

Drivers still risk prosecution (for failure to have proper control) if they use hands-free phones when driving.

For more information please see the Department for Transport’s website

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Greenford & District Scout Fellowship

Fellowship meetings are held on the first Friday of each month and there are no restrictions for membership. We are always pleased to have new members.

During the course of this year we have had many events our Annual B.B.Q. was a great success this was followed by a Tombola stall and money raised was donated to the S.A.C.

During the last year we have had numerous Activities all of which were presented by individual members of the Fellowship. These included a slide show and talk on China (the country), talk on St Bernard’s Hospital, Christmas Sing-a-long, Aromatherapy and Massage Demonstration, Quiz Night, Craft Display, Games Night, Talk and Video of Steam Traction Engines.

Fellowship members are here to help at events throughout the district. This year we have performed and helped at the Gang Show, helped at the Cub Trophy event and at Cubs’ Cross Country. We were at the Chalfont Day Out and attended both the St George’s Day Parade and The Remembrance Day Service.

There are lots of people with lots of skills all waiting to help you so come along to our Friday night meetings.

Judy Smith
Fellowship Secretary.

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Tolmers Scout Camp & Activity Centre
Friday 28 - Monday 31 May

As promised I am providing fuller details of the District Camp 2004 which I hope will be attended by every group in the District.

As advised the District Executive has agreed that they will cover the cost of the activities over the weekend and also provide transport so that the Beaver Scouts may visit the camp on either the Saturday or Sunday.

I have been able to provide a full range of activities over the weekend which will be air rifles, archery, the tower, climbing wall, the rock and for the Saturday and Sunday, quad bikes (for all ages), laser clay shooting and 100ft inflatable assault course. I will also be running a camp fire.

I would also like to offer out a DC's Challenge to all Groups to participate in over the weekend so watch this space for the details.

In regards to the air riles and archery on the Saturday and Sunday, as a District we will need to provide instructors with the necessary authorities and therefore I would be grateful if all our activity holders would cover for an hour or two on a rota basis during this time.

In respect of camp fees, Tolmers have advised that they have yet to set the cost for 2004 but do not think that it will be greater than £2.85 per person per night.

As mentioned I would like to see all Groups attend the camp and take part in what I feel will be a wonderful and enjoyable camp with something for everyone.

Please come along to have fun, join in and meet old and make new friends.

If any group feels that they have any problems, questions or suggestions for and about the weekend please SHOUT as it is your District Camp 2004.

Andrew Norman
District Commissioner

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Update from the District Shop

Please can you help?

• We still have some old uniforms, sweatshirts, tee shirts and lots of scarves and we need to get rid of them.

• How about getting some matching blue sweatshirts for your Cub or Beaver football team at silly prices?

• Do you know of a Group who could use the scarves?

• How about some camp/working clothes or even a memento of past Scouting?

• Scarves are only £1 each and the rest not much more.

Come and see June or Bert on a Monday evening at DHQ.

So help the District and save money for yourselves and your Group.

Marian Melhuish
On behalf of the District Shop

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Young Leaders’ Explorer Scout Unit

This Unit has been up and running for just over a year. We have 15 Explorer Scouts who attend, although this does not have to be on a regular basis.

The Unit is for Explorer Scout age young people who are helping with another Section, e.g. Beavers or Cubs. However, if they have been in the Scout Section and wish to continue to help within that Section they must leave the Section for six months before going back to help.

The Unit meets 4 times a year and many of your Young Leaders are well on their way to completing all of their modular training. This training also forms part of the modular training undertaken by anyone holding a Warrant and so if any of them, at a later date, wish to take out a Warrant they will not have to complete all of the new modules for adult training.

As of the 1 January 2004 any young person who is currently helping out within a Section MUST attend the Young Leader programme - GSL’s please note. We are also under obligation to take anyone externally from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme who would also like to help within a Section (with the GSL’s permission). These young people must also attend the Young Leader Unit.

The title Young Leader can be very confusing to some - these young people are there to help - not to be left in charge. They will all be trained in producing a balanced programme, be given ideas on different games and skills to match the section they are working with; will understand coaching and counselling skills; how to work with difficult children and many other attributes. Sound familiar - yes - it is based on the adult training but not so in depth and definitely a lot more fun.

The most important for them is they are working with their peer group in a safe environment within the Unit and yes the rumour is quite true - when I had to be a Beaver for a particular skill being taught by one of the Young Leaders, I was sent to face the wall for playing him up!!!

The Unit does not take part in any of the badge work, expeditions etc that the other District Units do, but believe me, we do have some fun as well as our serious moments. It should also be noted that anyone who does not want to belong to another Unit does not have to, but ALL who help within a Section MUST belong to the Young Leader Unit.

Josie Cole
Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders)

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Sectional Articles from ADCs

All of the sectional ADCs were asked to write an article for this newsletter, so here they are :-


No-one bothered!

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Adult Training

Well, as from the 1 January 2004, training takes on a whole new world - e-learning, local training, County training, all in modular form. As for me, I officially become the Local Training Manager - new title, same person, larger area - which will include Ealing and Hanwell Groups. Mind you I couldn’t do any of this without Louise O’Leary who is the Local Training Administrator - and she volunteered without her arm up her back!!

If your confused, try being in my shoes!!! Simply it means that all training will be done in modules. Each new Leader appointment will be given a Training Adviser who will be responsible for developing that new Leader through to Wood Bead status. Nearly 30 people in Greenford took up the challenge to attend the module 25 training which would start them, if they wanted to continue, as Training Advisers. We are at present in the process of writing to each of these people to see if they wish to continue and take on the title of Training Adviser - reporting in to me - that’s scary for a start!!!

The dates for the modules for 2004 are in first draft - they should be published shortly - I hope!! All new Leaders will have a Provisional Appointment given, following their interview with the Appointments Committee. During this time they must not be left on their own with a Section, but must have the support of either the GSL or other fully warranted Leaders, as well as their Training Adviser. During that first five months a new leader will have to complete 5 modules, all of which will be done locally and through a work book. Following completion of their first 5 months, a new leader will be issued with a full Warrant; they then go on to complete their training over the next 3 years.

A lot of work has been done behind the scenes this year in bringing the Appointments Committee up to speed as to their new responsibilities in issuing both these Warrants and my thanks must go to Eunice Hill and Pauline May for their enormous support in getting us off the ground.

Now, for those of you who already hold a Leader Warrant - you can stop thinking you have got away with it lightly. All Leaders will be required to commit to 5 hours training/development per year and this will have to be recorded. Unfortunately before Warrant renewal, which at the moment is every 5 years, the Appointments Committee will need to know from me that this development has taken place and that you ALL hold a current First Aid Certificate as at the 31 March in the year your Warrant renewal is due. GET PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR CERTIFICATES TO ME IF THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN EXTERNALLY TO THE COUNTY FIRST RESPONSE COURSE.

The Appointments Committee will be producing guidelines for new Appointments and Changes of Appointments and these will be given initially to all GSL’s at their next meeting. So GSL’s please read it. All GSL’s have been given a copy of the modules in the new training programme - mind you they have probably lost them by now - as this was earlier in the year - so don’t be afraid to ask them what it is all about!!!

I am in the process of ordering the new Work Books and Training Adviser Books and then Greenford is off and running - well putting our toe in the water at least. Louise and I are usually at Greenford District HQ on a Monday evening - come and ask if you want to know any more, or if you would like to become a Training Adviser.

Josie Cole
Local Training Manager

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‘252’ Club

As you may be aware, the ‘252’ club has been in abeyance for a year due to the resignation of Don Platt, and I have now agreed to take over from him.

We plan to restart the ‘252’ Club again in January 2004, with the Main Draw taking place in December, just in time to have your winnings to spend at Christmas.

The prizes will remain the same, Main prize £650, with other prizes of £100, £50 and £25. This group of prizes totals £825, which together with 11 monthly £30, £20 and £10 prizes during the year of £660 makes a grand total of £1,485.

The subscription for the year will be £15 per share.

The first monthly Draw will be made at DHQ on 26th January 2004 and the Main Draw will be held in December 2004. A list of winners will be displayed at DHQ after each monthly draw.

I you are interested in having a chance, please contact me on 020 8578 4220 or see me at DHQ on a Monday.

Roy Chick
Hon. Secretary/Treasurer 252 Club

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Nights Away Permit Scheme

Have you heard about the new Nights Away Permit Scheme?

No! That’s strange as the GSLs were all given the information at their last meeting several months ago!

The Nights Away Permit Scheme has been introduced to promote quality residential or camping experiences for young people. From September 2004, any Leader or other adult leading such an event for young people will need to operate under this Scheme.

The new Scheme introduces the following:

• A Nights Away Permit for adults leading camping or residential events for young people.

• An assessment procedure for those seeking to hold a Permit.

• The Event Passport for young people under the age of 18 years wishing to lead camping or residential events (such as Patrol camps, Unit expeditions etc).

• A Notification form to inform the appropriate Commissioner of each nights away event.

• The appointment of local Nights Away Advisers to give support, make assessments and promote nights away events. (This is the DC and DDC in Greenford & District).

The Permit is credit card-sized and gives authority for an adult to lead Members under the age of 18 years on a nights away event in one or more of these three categories:

• Indoor – for any Sleepover, indoor Pack Holiday, youth hostelling or similar event.

• Camp Site – camping on sites where there are toilets, water and waste disposal facilities.

• Green Field – for camping where all facilities need to be provided by the camp team – for example, a summer camp on a farmer’s field.

The Nights Away Permit will replace the always hated and ‘usually forgotten until a month before the camp’ Permission to Camp (or PC) form.

In Greenford & District we are phasing in this process. One Nights Away Permit has already been issued. To apply you need to complete the relevant form and submit it, along with a passport size photo (of yourself preferably), to the District Commissioner or Deputy DC who will consider your experience and issue a permit.

The information, forms, etc. may be downloaded from ScoutBase UK. There is a link from the District website.

GSLs have been given the information and the District will be making these forms available in the New Year.

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