The District Trustee Board

The District Trustee Board exists to support the District Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scout Groups, Explorer Scout Units and the Scout Network in the District. The Trustees are specifically responsible for:

  • promoting the development of Scouting in the District;
  • arranging for harmonious co-operation between Groups and between units of the Association and with other organisations;
  • the raising of funds and the administration of the District's finance and property, including those of the Explorer Scout section and District Scout Network;
  • appointing a District Appointments Advisory Committee and a Chairman of such a Committee;
  • appointing other sub-Committees and their Chairmen as the Committee may require;
  • attending to District administration, particularly:
    • matters relating to Leader appointments;
    • the appointment of Skills Instructors, Administrators and Advisers;
    • registrations, membership of the Movement;
    • the presentation of an Annual Report and annual statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting of the District Scout Council.

Members of the District Trustee Board (the Trustees) are:

Ex-Officio Members

Ian Chick
District Chair

Ian is also a District Nights Away Advisor (DNAA) and looks after the district website

Gangaveer Singh Hunjan
District Commissioner

Ganga is a leader with the 13th Southall (Sikh) Scout Group

Viya Shah
District Youth Commissioner

Viya is also a leader with 1st Greenford

Tracy Minson
District Secretary
Paul Melhuish
District Treasurer

Mike Kiley
District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Mike is also the Explorer Scout Leader for our Young Leaders' Unit

Daljit Aubby
District Scout Network Commissioner

Nominated Members

Alex McCormac
District Executive Committee Member (Nominated)
Marian Melhuish
District Executive Committee Member (Nominated)

Bryan Payne
District Executive Committee Member (Nominated)
Steve Pound
District Executive Committee Member (Nominated)

Elected Members

Andy Appleby
District Executive Committee Member (Elected)

Andy is the Deputy Group Scout Leader (DGSL) of 8th Greenford Scout Group

Stuart Dingwall
District Executive Committee Member (Elected)

Rik Fox
District Executive Committee Member (Elected)

Rik is a Deputy District Commissioner

Andrew Norman
District Executive Committee Member (Elected)

Andrew is the Deputy District Chair and Chair of the Appointments Advisory Committee

Announcing the new District Commissioner for Greenford & District

Dear all,

It is my great pleasure to announce that Gangaveer Hunjan is our new District Commissioner for Greenford & District Scouts. His new role started on Monday 27th September. I am confident that you will all welcome him and support him as he has been supporting us as ADC(Scouts), District Trustee Board member and Deputy Unit Leader for some of our participants attending the World Scout Jamboree!

Cathy Muxlow
GLMW County Commissioner

Gangaveer Singh Hunjan, new District Commissioner

Hello all, I am very excited to be your new District Commissioner!

I have been fortunate enough to see first hand how great Greenford & District is to the many scouts (both young people and adult) within the District having come up as a beaver all the way through to the scout network as one of those people. I hope to continue to deliver that high quality of scouting and hope we can continue to learn new skills, experience new things and make more memories with one another.

I hope we can support each other on the next chapter for Greenford and District.


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